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Our Services

Complete Floor Restoration 

Your wooden floor now can look like complete wreck!

That shouldn't stop you from thinking about restoration!


Almost any existing wooden floor can be restored! 


In most cases with a little bit of our help you can get outstanding results!

Comprehensive installation

One of our specialties is high quality and professional fitting of any type of wood flooring!

We supply high quality wood in competitive prices.


We can also install wood sourced by Yourself.

Our favourite styles and patterns:

  • Herringbone

  • Chevron

  • Versaille

  • Planks


Floorboards renovation 

Most of the British houses contain original floorboards.

99% of the floorboards can be saved and renovated.

Floorboards can be sanded and finished to any desired colour and finish!

Dust-free sanding

Sanding with clouds of dust has become the past!

Our sanding equipment is virtually dust-free. It allows us to collect 99.8% of created dust!

You can forget about dust flying everywhere!

Free no obligation quote  

  • Free Quotation

  • No obligation 

  • Free floor related advice 

  • Wood Floor Fitter Manchester

  • Wood Floor Installer Chorley

  • Parquet Floor Chorley

  • Herringbone Installation Manchester

Other services provided

Preparation and finishing

  • Subfloor preparation

  • Floor levelling

  • Installation of skirting boards and architraves 

  • Wood sourcing 

  • Undercutting skirting boards

  • Installation of Scotia moulding and beading 

Insurance floor repair or replacement

  • Have your floor raised, cupped or crowned?

  • Has your floor been affected by flood?

  • Have you had a leak that damaged your floor?

  • If you have any other wood floor related problem or thinking about wooden floor feel free to message or call us!

We are here to help!​

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